Anti-Break Full Cover

300 ml
Anti-Break Full Cover is a unique product that is based on a powerful active ingredient – an extract of Plant Stem Cells, which are unique because of the fact that they did not differentiate to a specific tissue type. The Stem Cells are enriched with active ingredients and growth factors that nourish the hair with proteins and special substances. Anti-Break Full Cover also contains a powerful pigment that enables the creation of unique shades and prevents unwanted ones from appearing on the hair after the coloring process. The Anti-Break mixture, enriched with amino acids and plant-based oil extracts protects the hair while coloring it. The preparation transforms permanent color into tone-on-tone (rinsing) semi-permanent color.Full Cover provides the hair with a uniform long lasting shading and coating without damaging the cuticle. This unique formula enhances our creativity with the extensive range of Anti-Break hair colors.The Plant Stem Cells extract combined with Anti-Break complex, add a protective and restorative layer to the hair during the coloring process, enhancing the hair´s shine and enabling the intended shade to remain in the hair fiber for much longer.