Hy Loren Premium No2 Smoother Hair Mask

500 ml
Hy Loren No2 hair mask is the first hair mask in the world that contains the powerful polymer – Hyaluronic acid in an innovative, updated formulation for restoring chemically straightened hair and strengthening and improving the hair´s look over time.
Three years of research and development at Mon Platin´s laboratories resulted in a scientific breakthrough in hair care and visibility of chemically straightened hair.
This powerful mask does not contain SLS/SLES (salts that damage the hair fiber) and provides the hair fiber with a comprehensive seven-dimensional treatment that includes unique moisture absorption, anti-freeze effect for reducing volume, strengthening of the hair fiber, increased flexibility and the creation of a uniform surface throughout the hair length to increase the hair´s natural shine and protect the hair´s color over time.
Frequent use of the hair mask will leave your hair soft, pleasant to touch and with an elevated sense of moisture while in parallel assisting in the prevention of hair breaking in the process of combing and forming with a dryer/straightener.