One of today´s most popular cosmetic treatments consists of injecting or applying hyaluronic acid onto the facial skin. Hyaluronic acid, or hyaluronate, is an acidic polysaccharide occurring naturally in the cells of various tissues in our bodies, including connective tissues and cartilage. It has a sponge-line function – absorbing the water and converting it into a thicker liquid. In its purest form, hyaluronic acid can absorb up to a thousand times its original size.

Thanks to a complex comprised of a number of additional polymers, it is useful in filling wrinkle and laugh lines on the facial skin.

Over the past three years at Mon Plain laboratories we have conducted countless scientific experiments to create a powerful polymer that would penetrate the hair fiber with moisture, strengthen the hair texture and create a uniform surface on the cuticle.

Thanks to a unique neosomic conduction system, HYLOREN hair products offer a scientific breakthrough in hair nurturing and strengthening.

The treatment consists of three stages (three products), each having a crucial role in the hair´s strengthening and recovery process.After the first treatment you can already see a notable change in the hair quality, on seven different dimensions:
  • moisture absorption in the hair fiber
  • enhanced volume when using volumizers
  • strengthening of the hair fiber and less hair breakage over time–contributing to hair growth
  • a uniform surface the cuticle is uniformly coated to create asmooth and pleasant sensation on the hair fiber
  • significant strengthening of the hair fiber thanks to an elevatedwater (=moisture) content in the dandruff layer
  • up to 58% more flexibility in the hair fiber, from the first useThe unique combination of the three treatment products results in alevel of haircare that is unprecedented in the hair products industry.